SWE presents "Psychosis"

SWE presents "Psychosis" - Saturday Sept 19th

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Carter taking the match seriously?

To trainees of Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment's wrestling school, Wednesdays are training days. But this past Wednesday, someone walked in the door that no one expected, Carter Harrison II. To the shock of the trainees and the trainers, Carter had shown up not only to learn how to beat people up, but how to take a beating also.

As things wound down, one of the trainees took a quick photo, and made sure that the Social Media desk got it and the words that Carter spoke before leaving.

"Jesse Logan, let me help you understand one thing. Carter's Corner was given to me because they wanted to allow me a chance to speak my mind, and tell things from my point of view. Not the skewed view that you continue to give to anyone who will listen to you flap your gums. I can guarantee you something, and that's on the 19th, I may take a beating but I am going to turn around and dish one right back out to you. And if Jakob wants to join in, then I can give one to him also. But everyone needs to know, if a moment comes where I can get the win, I'm taking it, and no one will stop me."

Very strong words from Carter to his opponents at Psychosis, but how will he fare? You will have to come by on September 19th, at the Havelock Rec Center and find out. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Jesse Logan responds to Carters corner

Aww, you have a cute little page on the SWE site! That is just so sweet and thoughtful that in your first installment you talk about none other than yours truly.

Now you say you have nothing to lose, yet it is everything you will. You will lose your pride, your dignity, and most importantly, everything you've tried to accomplish in the SWE. You also say that we have been on a collision course since I attacked you in the cage. Funny.....it started the moment you decided to put me through a table. Then in that same cage match, you decided not to count the 3 for me like a good little ref. YOU caused all of this Carter and on the 19th, not only will I regain what was stolen from me, but all shall be revealed.

See ya September 19th Bub.....cuz now you have nowhere to go.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Get well, Scotty Matthews, get well

We here at the Shockwave Media Center have learned that one of our competitors has been in an accident involving a vehicle against a bicycle. We do not know the full story, but have learned that he has suffered a pelvic fracture, and possibly other injuries. Mr. Matthews may be causing havoc in our ring, we hold no ill will towards him, and wish him the quickest recovery we can. We want to see him back in our ring soon, and hope that he comes back stronger, faster, and angrier than before. 

Get well Mr. Matthews, we all wish you the best.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Even More Breaking News: 2nd match signed for Psychosis event

So it just came across my desk, the next event has been named and another match has been signed. Appropriately named Psychosis, the September 19th show will not only feature the Triple Threat match for the SWE Livewire championship, but also a rematch between Scotty Matthews and Jagger, and once again this match will be for the SWE Heavyweight Championship, and from what we have heard, Jagger demanded this match.

But after last months match, will Jagger be in a good frame of mind? After coming to, a moment most fans missed as they left, he walked out of the ring with his championship laying on the mat. Why? We won't know until September, but you can get your tickets right now by buying right from the site. So why wait until September? Buy today, and make sure you have your tickets ready to go for September 19th.

(Photo Courtesy of Donna Landry)

Breaking News: Match signed for September show

I have just received word from Carter Harrison II, that a match has been signed for the September Shockwave show. And it's a match involving himself. Next month, on September 19th in Havelock, we will have a Triple Threat match for the SWE Livewire Championship involving the champion, Jakob Hammermeier, facing off against "The Hangman" Jesse Logan, and the VP of Talent Relations, Carter Harrison II.

I'm not sure why Carter would put himself in harms way this way, but he seems to hate Jesse Logan, and the feelings seem to be mutual. In the past few months we have seen Carter put Logan through a table, Jesse deliver his sickening finisher on Carter in the cage, and other despicable ways both men have gone at each other. We here at the Media Center are supposed to be biased towards everyone......but there's something to be said about Jesse Logan. The man not only scares the PWF Media Center, but us also.

Carter has said that he will deliver a word or two to us later on about this, and from what we can think, it will not be kind. More on this soon.

(Photo courtesy of Donna Landry. Was taken moments after Jesse Logan lost the match for the title.)

Don't forget about Premiere Wrestling Federation in Hubert

You may know and love Shockwave, but did you know about PWF? PWF stands for Premiere Wrestling Federation and has been around since the early 2000's. The owner Steve Corino brought it back early 2014, and it has been going strong ever since. PWF runs out of the Hubert Bingo Hall, or dubbed affectionately as the Hashimoto Hall during events to honor the late, great Shinya Hashimoto. A man who if you found walking around the great arenas of Japan, you might spot 2 ECW legends on the side of him, Steve Corino, and his great friend CW Anderson, both of whom you will see regulary at PWF.

PWF also uses a large amount of the same talent you may see at Shockwave. Believe us here at the Media Center when we say, if you want to see some of the best wrestling out there, look no further than the North Carolina coast, not only do we have Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment, but we also have Premiere Wrestling Federation.

Make sure you check them out at their next show on August 28th, where you will see Ring of Honor stars mixing it up with SWE and PWF wrestlers. Check out the flier below, and we will see you there.

Check out their Facebook at PWF Facebook
Or their website at PWF website