SWE presents "Dollars & Sense"

SWE presents Dollars & Sense

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's eerily quiet

So we are less than 2 weeks away from Dollars & Sense, and it's quiet. No Carter, no Emanuel, no Lance, no Jagger. No one is talking. What could this mean? Is there something big coming towards SWE? What's going on with the Dennys? No one is talking to the Media Center, that is for sure, but you can believe that within the next week, we will have something for you.

I'm sorry I can't give a better update, but with no one talking, I can't do much. Remember, October 17th, is our next show. See you there.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Legacy Cup on September 24th

Hey guys and gals, are you looking for more wrestling to help appease that hunger? Well don't forget about Premiere Wrestling Federation's Legacy Cup, this coming Thursday (9/24/2015) as they find out who will hold the Legacy Cup. A sought after prize during this tournament, that has been held by many greats: CW Anderson, Christopher Daniels, Adam Cole, Johnny Kashmere. The list is a list of great talent that have wrestled for PWF, but this tournament is going to be one not to miss. Also on the card for that night is F1rst Generation defending their Tag Titles against The Cicero Family, and then we have Jakob Hammermeier trying to get back what he lost last month from Joseph Black, the Shinjiro Otani International Openweight Championship. That could be a match of the year candidate right there. But go check them out, because it will be awesome as always.

No contact from Carter?

We here at the Social Media center love to be in contact with our staff, and all the wrestlers within Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment. But after what he did at Psychosis, we have been ringing the phones as much as we can to try and get up with Carter Harrison II, but with no luck.

Everyone here has only one question on their mind, why? Why did Carter do what he did? What can be the reason for him turning his back on the fans like that. We won't know until later on, but be sure that we will find out for you, and for us. Because the questions have to be answered at some point.

(Photo courtesy of Donna Landry)

(Photo courtest of Donna Landry)

(Photo courtesy of Emmanuel Bodega)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

What happened tonight?

Not everyone can be at Shockwave's shows, and we know this. That's why we try to update this page as soon as the show is over. But sometimes, things happen, and we can't help but say, you should have been there.

 Case in point, this write up of whatever happened tonight was sent to us moments ago. And we can only question what in the world is happening out there. Take a read.

 Jagger enters and says: “After my match last month with Scotty Matthews, I didn’t feel like I deserved to carry this championship. I left it in the middle of the ring, because while I technically won the match, I didn’t feel much like a winner. Scotty caught me in a submission move that I couldn’t get out of and I lost consciousness. The referee rang the bell and awarded the match….and this championship….to Scotty Matthews. But obviously, Scotty had other intentions. Scotty didn’t care about this championship, just like he doesn’t care about any of you SWE fans. All that Scotty Matthews wanted….was to hurt me. Scotty was successful in his quest that night. He did hurt me physically, but what he failed to do was hurt my spirit. So much so, that I demanded a rematch with him so that I could prove to him, to all of you, and to myself, that I can beat Scotty Matthews. Well….fate had a different plan. A few weeks after that match, Scotty Matthews was getting in some cardio on his bicycle when he was hit by a car. His pelvis was broken in 3 places and required surgery. He is now at home and on his way to recovery. A bitter man would come out here and talk about karma. A miserable man would come out here and tell you that you reap what you sow……but I am not bitter, and I am not miserable. What Scotty Matthews did to me in front of all of you last month was pretty despicable. However, what he did was in the confines of a wrestling ring. It was in the confines of a match that I agreed to be in. In the confines of a competition that I agreed to be a part of. What happened to Scotty, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. What happened to him was very real, very scary, and he didn’t deserve it.

 Emanuel comes out showcasing his Bodega Dollars and gets in the ring and says: Jagger…I love you and Imma let you finish but…….. (stops and smiles at the crowd) Jagger, this is touching and everything how much you care about a man that annihilated you, but time is money. And…you’re outta time, because I got the money. (Starts speaking to the crowd) For those of you who can only afford one wrestling event per month and come here instead of PWF in Hubert, you probably haven’t heard and since I know that most of you cannot afford cable and probably haven’t seen it on the news…..ladies and gentlemen…..Emanuel Bodega has won the lottery, and I am now the 40 million dollar man!!!! That’s right….from no house….to the penthouse, baby!!! I used to question where my next meal would come from, but now the only question is how I’m gonna spend my MONEY!!!! Cause you see now….I can have any…..thing…..I….want. And it just so happens (looks at Jagger and walks closer) that I want THAT. (points to belt) So this is what we’re gonna do. I am gonna give you 10,000 Bodega Dollars and you are gonna give me the SWE Heavyweight Championship.” 

Jagger says: “Wow…..isn’t that something. Emanuel used to be homeless and now he is a millionaire. Congratulations, buddy. They’ve always said that money can’t buy happiness. But it looks to me like it can’t buy looks or sanity either. Because you are out here looking stupid….and talking crazy. If you think for a second that I can be bought, amnesia must be a symptom of quick cash. Have you forgotten who you are talking to? (Gets in Emanuel’s face) If you want THIS championship, you are going to have to get yourself a match booked and get it the old fashioned way……EARN it.

 Emanuel laughs and says: Funny you should mention that…

 Carter Harrison comes to the ring and says: Jagger…..from what I understand, Emanuel has been in contact with the booking committee all this week and just today, they have granted his request to face you tonight for the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

 Jagger says: That’s fine with me. Let’s see if all of that money makes you any better of a wrestler. 

Now this was an interesting turn of events, but this entire conversation, somehow turned into this at the end of the night? My only response can be......don't miss a Shockwave show, because you never, you NEVER know what is going to happen.

We here at the Shockwave Media Center can only say congratulations to Mr. Emanuel Bodega for his title win, even if it was under questionable tactics.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bulldogs divided become stronger?

Usually when you see the Geordie Bulldogs, they are together, a trio of fierce competitors who tend to do anything to win. Usually during a tag match, you would see Sean Denny or Mark Denny do something to "cheat", and help themselves during the match.

But what happens when they aren't teaming? What happens when they are facing two of the toughest competitors to step foot in a North America ring? What happens when those two men are the "Black Cloud" Joseph Black and the rough and ready superman of William Huckaby?

We can't speak for the Denny's here at the Shockwave Media Desk, but we can definitely tell you that Mark and Sean have something up their sleeves for when they face off against these two dominant men. Because from what we saw last month at Shockwave, Sean and Mark need to come at these two men, if even they are separate, 2 against 1 is always a winning combination.

We can only wish the Geordie Bulldogs good luck, and hope that they don't get hurt. But what can we say, we kinda do want to see that flag get torn to shreds.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Big Money Mayhem causing some mayhem?

This Saturday, Big Money Mayhem will be back in action, but not with their titles on the line. As Gluteus Maximus has decided that he wants to try his hand at Tag Team action by partnering with the new come Brian Stofko.

What does Big Money Mayhem have in store for Gluteus Maximus and Brian Stofko? Could Gluteus actually slay the Goliaths in Big Money Mayhem? Will the newcomer, Brian show that he is there to dominate and get the victory by himself?

We don't know what's going to happen, but you can if you show up this Saturday to the Havelock Rec Center for an awesome show.