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Monday, December 14, 2015

Breaking news from the Geordie Bulldogs

Breaking News!!! This just in from The Gerodie Bulldogs!!! Marky Denny wanted us to share with with all of you.....

"Listen here, you bunch of American sheeple! You SWE fans just follow along and play nice and cheer for the wrestlers that they shove down your miserable throats, don’t you? Shockwave has been force feeding you Jagger and Joe Joe Dancer for so long that most of you have fooled yourselves into believing that they are actually two of your favorites and worthy of your praise. Well, my brother and I refuse to conform and fall into line. On December 19th, The Geordie Bulldogs will NOT be in your miserable little American military town of Havelock, North Carolina. In fact, we won’t be in your country at all. Sean and I will on holiday, but it won’t be a hostile one. It will be a very nice and peaceful one surrounded by our fellow countrymen and our REAL friends and family. We will be skipping all of the commercialized and greedy American Christmas customs and we will leave mince pies and brandy for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. As we dine on roasted goose and brussel sprouts on Christmas Day, we will not forget to remember how pathetic that your darlings Jagger and Joe Joe Dancer are and how much of a follower that all of you are for cheering such trash. Have fun with your little “Hostile Holiday”….we won’t be there, and we won’t miss you. Happy Christmas……to us."

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Something is going on

Something is going on in Shockwave. Earlier today we got word that The Bulldogs will have something to say soon, and then Carter Harrison II came into our offices extremely angry, and even broke one of our desks.

Why? Because he found out about that the new anonymous power made a match where Emanuel Bodega had to defend his title in a NO DQ match against "The Godfather of Violence" Vinnie Damoochie.

Now we aren't betting people, (but we would sure bet enough to fix our desk), but Emanuel Bodega going up against someone who knows violence inside and out is a little scary. Emanuel is the same person who got put in a trashcan by Jesse Logan, and then clotheslined out of it.

We aren't too sure on what to expect on the 19th of December. Well we know one thing is going to happen, destruction. This show is aptly named, because it will be very hostile this holiday. So make sure you are at the Havelock Rec Center on the 19th of December to enjoy some hard hitting action, with some of the best in Eastern North Carolina, and come and feel the shock.

Breaking News for the 19th

THIS JUST IN: feeltheshock.com staffers are expecting a major statement from the Geordie Bulldogs regarding their tag team match against Joe Joe Dancer and Jagger at Hostile Holiday on Dec 19th!