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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jagger set for a showdown with Scotty Matthews!

*photo credit - Shot To The Head Photography
Scotty Matthews has one thing on his mind.....well, 2 things. Jagger and the SWE Heavyweight Championship. Is the end near for Jagger's title reign? Or does Scotty Matthews even care about the championship? has reached out to Matthews for comment.....


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

VP of Talent Relations, Carter Harrison II, has just announced that he will allow fans to bring straps to Battle Scars for use in the Leather Strap Match between SWE Heavyweight Champion, Jagger and challenger, Vinnie Damoochie!!! Straps are to be left in a bin by the ticket table and Mr. Harrison will decide which straps will be sanctioned for use in the match. This is YOUR chance to get personally involved in SWE! Bring your belts, weight belts, scrap leather, or ANY leathery strap and it could be used in a Heavyweight Championship match!!! Mr. Harrison has also released the official stipulations of the match. Jagger and Damooche will not be bound together as is done in more traditional strap matches. The match with end by pinfall, submission, or when one man can no longer continue the match as determined by the officiating referee. There will be no countout or disqualification. Use of leather straps during the entire match is legal and permissible. The participants must wrestle in singlets only and will not be permitted to wear any protective layer of clothing such as t-shirts or pants. The winner will leave as the SWE Heavyweight Champion. Will YOUR strap be involved?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Battle Scars has moved venues!

SWE Battle Scars has been moved from the Havelock rec center and will take place at the havelock tourist and event center!!!


201 Tourist Center Drive
Havelock, North Carolina 28532

Monday, February 23, 2015

Get ready for SWE Battle Scars!

As the dust settles from Date Night, the championship scene in SWE is hotter than ever! On March 21st, at Battle Scars, Jagger and Vinnie Damoochie will go head to head in what is sure to be a brutal battle when the SWE Heavyweight Championship gets put on the line in a Leather Strap Match! 4 tag teams will be in competition for the SWE Tag Team Championship, while The Pink Pride Nation, The Geordie Bulldogs, and Big Money Mayhem will all try to win their 1st tag title, the current champs, The New Age Sheepherders will have their hands full trying to hang onto their coveted gold. Those in attendance last night saw the SWE Livewire Champion, and as we now know "independent contractor", Jesse Logan brawled all the way out of the building with the HUGE fan favorite, Jakob Hammermier. Jakob is not scheduled to be at Battle Scars, however, Logan is required to defend the SWE Livewire Championship to meet the SWE Board of Directors requirement of a title defense no less that every 60 days. Who will get the shot? Joe Joe Dancer? Emanuel Bodega? A newcomer? You've got to be inside the Havelock Rec Center on Saturday, March 21st to find out how the exciting championship scene plays out!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Girl, meet world.

At only 17 years old and still a high school student, former SWE Womens Champion Katie Taylor still has a lot to learn. However, she also has a lot to teach. On Saturday, August 16th, she plans to teach "The Roman Wrecking Ball" Gluteus Maximus that he may have just picked on the wrong girl. At SWE's Gold Rush, Glute took it upon himself to enter the ring after Katie's match against the current Womens Champ, Samantha Shock, and try to threaten and berate her. While his true intentions are still unknown by, it has been speculated that Glute knew exactly what he was doing and got the result that he wanted.

It's not uncommon knowledge in the SWE locker rooms that many of the SWE wrestlers have a soft spot for Katie and look at her like a little sister, and maybe none more-so that the SWE Heavyweight Champion, "Fabulous" Frankie Fontaine. Rumor has it that Gluteus Maximus got the exact reaction that he was looking for when The Fab One rushed to Katie's rescue. "The Roman Wrecking Ball" has made it clear that he wants a shot at the SWE Heavyweight Championship and will continue seeking out title shots until he is successful in obtaining the gold. What a better way to stay in the championship mix than to make things personal with the champion?

Glute did get his title shot at Gold Rush, but did not pick up the victory. Where the big man's plan may have backfired is, he thought he would get an automatic rematch at SWE's Afterburn. Well, he WILL be in the ring with Frankie, but he will also have to contend with Katie Taylor. On August 16th, it will be an intergender tag team match with "Fabulous" Frankie Fontaine and Katie Taylor vs. "The Roman Wrecking Ball" Gluteus Maximus and Samantha Shock. Will Katie be able to teach Glute a lesson and update her facebook status with a victory, or will Maximus finish what he started? Be there live in Havelock, NC on Saturday, August 16th for SWE's Afterburn to find out!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gorilla Warfare?!?

The Gorilla Squad "ain't happy", and it's EVERYBODY's problem! SWE Heavyweight Champion, Ali Steele and former SWE Tag Team Champions, Michael Devine and Dee Mack made their presence known at SWE's "Uprising".

Devine and Mack may have technically lost their match against the newly reformed Team Fab by DQ, but they did it by roughing up the referee when things were not going their way.

Things got worse....MUCH worse for Jagger in the main event against Ali Steele. It was an uphill battle times three, as all three members of the Gorilla Squad were able to get more than just their hands on him. Much to Jagger's objection, Devine and Mack were not only allowed to accompany Ali Steele to the ring for his SWE Heavyweight Championship defense, Referee Ron Mills allowed the behemoths to stay at ringside during the match. This led to an avalanche of conspiracy theories from the SWE fans. Was Ron Mills in the pocket of the Gorilla Squad? Was he simply scared of the trio knowing what they had just done to the previous official and also knowing the SWE General Manager, Ray Rouse, was not in attendance? No matter the "why", it was the "what" that mattered.

Jagger started the match off strong and looked like he might walk away as the new champion, but despite a fighting spirit and clear determination, he was just no match for all three of the Gorillas. Even though Devine and Mack were not officially a part of the match, they had plenty of opportunities to inflict pain and punishment onto Jagger no matter how hard he tried to fight back. Jagger was even able to pull his "Jagged Edge" submission hold out of nowhere on Steele and had the crowd believing that he had beaten the odds, but the punishment that he had already taken was just too much and he couldn't keep big Ali in the hold for long enough to make him tap out. After breaking the submission, Ali finished the match just as he had boasted he would, with a knock out punch that left Jagger lying cold.

The Gorilla Squad then wanted to add insult to injury by berating the SWE fans and bragging about how powerful they were. After coming to, Jagger had heard enough and wanted to take out some aggression on the lone Gorilla that was left in the ring, Michael Devine. However, after what he had already been through, he was easy pickings for further assault by the Gorillas. They double teamed Jagger and delivered a double flapjack that sent him about 12 feet in the air and crashing down to the mat.

If the Gorilla Squad wanted the attention of the SWE roster and management, thinks that they have surely succeeded. The only question now is what do they want next and who will have to pay for it?

Michael Devine weighed in on social media immediately following "Uprising":

"Ali Steele is STILL the Shockwave Heavyweight Champion...and even though Dee Mack and I were disqualified...wimpy referee...we showed Team Fabulous that The Gorilla Squad aren't playing games any longer...and Jagger found out that when you step to A. Steele not only do you get knocked out but when you jump on Michael Devine, he and the Big Bad Bully will bury your body in the back yard and with my favorite son... Steven Strick...aka Strick....THE GORILLA SQUAD WILL NOT BE STOPPED! YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!"

Jagger was treated and released for facial contusions, a mild concussion and other non-serious injuries. He was unable to be reached for comment.