SWE presents "Root of all Evil"

SWE presents "Root of all Evil"

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Breaking News!!!!

BREAKING NEWS!!! SWE officials have announced the first match signed for Dec 19th at the Havelock Rec Center will feature Joe Joe Dancer teaming up with Jagger to take on The Geordie Bulldogs!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Victor Andrews has something to say

Victor Andrews hasn't been to Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment in a while, but believe us when we say he is more than capable of stepping into the ring with the "Lucious One" Lance Fontaine. But this isn't just some small match, no, this match is for the SWE Livewire title. Recently, Lance faced off against Victor Andrews close friend and tag team partner, James Anthony and won. Will the same results happen tomorrow night? We don't know, but you have every chance to find out by showing up to the Havelock Rec Center on Saturday November 21st at 6 pm. We will see you there.


One Day Away

One day away and we have a huge show lining up for everyone, not only do we have a huge 6 man tag which will include the NEW SWE Tag Team Champions, Will Huckaby and Joseph Black, but also teaming with them will be Frankie Fontaine. They will be going up against the newly formed Bodega Empire of Emanuel Bodega and Big Money Mayhem. We are sure Carter Harrison II will be close behind in some fashion.

But we also have the newly crowned SWE Livewire Champion "The Lucious One" Lance Fontaine in action as he faces off against Victor Andrews.

The Geordie Bulldogs will not be in Tag Team action, but instead in singles action as Sean faces off against Joe Joe Dancer and Marky faces off again Jagger. What will Jagger's mentality be when he walks back into the ring after losing his SWE Heavyweight belt to Emanuel? Well for Marks sake we hope it won't be too mean.

Also on the card we have Reggie Reason facing off against Adam Hansen in which is sure to be a classic match.

All this and more on Saturday November 21st at the Havelock Rec Center in Havelock, North Carolina. We are sure something will go down that you won't want to miss. So be there and feel the shock.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Does 6 men equal chaos?

With Saturday drawing closer and closer some questions are still left to be answered, one of those questions is, "Why did Big Money Mayhem join up with Emanuel Bodega and Carter Harrison II?" And honestly, we don't know the answer. We have tried to contact Emanuel, Carter, and both members of Big Money Mayhem, but our calls, emails, texts, faxes, and pages have all gone unnoticed. We hope we will get some kind of answer from them, but for now, we have to look to the future, and that means this Saturday.

Because this Saturday, Big Money Mayhem teams up with the SWE Heavyweight Champion, Emanuel Bodega, to face the team of Frankie Fontaine, and the SWE Tag Team Champions, Joseph Black and William Huckaby. What is going to happen when all 6 men step in the ring? Chaos, chaos will reign supreme. Be there this Saturday at the Havelock Rec Center as we find out what exactly is the root of all evil.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Emanuel Bodega makes a challenge

Last month at Dollars and Sense, some things went according to plan and some thing's didn't. I retained my SWE heavyweight championship in a match that never should have happened against Fabulous Frankie Fontaine.

But my newest acquisition in to the Bodega Dollars Corporation Big Money Mayhem lost their tag team titles to William Huckabee and the Black Cloud Joseph Black. Boys you don't know what you've done, I have more than enough power to have those belts removed and placed back where they belong.

Which brings me to my point, as owner of this Corporation I am wishing to use BMM's rematch clause on Saturday November 21st at the Havelock Rec Center to get back what is rightfully theirs and I'm willing to pay any amount to get it.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Emanuel and Carter?

We are 2 days away from Dollars and Sense, and we have been waiting, patiently I might add, for any word from Emanuel Bodega and his new cohort, Carter Harrison II. But nothing. No text, no tweets, no email, no Facebook message.

Usually we are completely find with this, as Carter Harrison II was always telling us to do things differently, trying to hijack the page to talk to the fans how he wanted, or even calling us 50 times to try to cut a promo on Jesse Logan. But now, we can't even get the time of day from him.

Last month at Psychosis, Emanuel turned his back on everyone, and stole the SWE Heavyweight Championship away from Jagger. We have not spoken to Jagger, but hopefully we can get a word from him on his stance, but we believe he will not be at Dollars and Sense.

Now what does this mean for the SWE Heavyweight title? We don't know. What does Emanuel have up his sleeve for the show? We don't know. The only thing we do know, is that whatever Emanuel and Carter are going to do, it's going to make us all question their motives, and we hope to get more word on this for you very soon.

Dollars and Sense comes at you live on October 17th, at the Havelock Rec center. We will see you there.